mardi 9 février 2010

Twitter suggestions : Mr. Antoun Sehnaoui

Hello nerd herd !

How was your weekend? Mine was quiet in San Fran but made some nice online discoveries ! This will be a pretty short post today but I just wanted to share an interesting find with you all.
I was checking my Twitter timeline and was surprised by the Twitter suggestions that were coming up at the time.

We all know that Twitter tries to come up with Twitter users that share the same interests as you as well as suggesting that you start following followers of your followers or the followers of the Tweeps that you follow... right I hope you didn't get lost in what I just stated there !

Usually I do not pay much attention to the “Who to follow” list provided by Twitter unless a particular user has stroked me as potentially interesting or just someone I would have liked to follow but didn't know he/she was on Twitter until he/she appeared in my Who to follow list.

Question : How regularly do you check your Who to follow list ? Do you often add the people Twitter suggests you ?

Personally I was surprised by one of the Who to follow suggestions that came up : @sehnaouiantoun

I was a bit curious and found out it was a Mr. Antoun Sehnaoui - Lebanese banker and businessman. Chairman of Société Générale de Banque au Liban according to his bio.

Alright... I was like.. hello! What would I have in common with a Lebanese banker ? While checking out his timeline, I did find out though ! We were both followers of CNNMoney. I regularly read their technology section to keep up with the news among other online sources.

How strange it was really... I wonder how Twitter's search algorithms work... really – I know I have the tendency of repeating myself, apologies. I was still curious and clicked on his personal blog link and checked his bio. It was pretty impressive I have to tell you ! He has a really interesting career and the guy has not even turned 40 ! After reading all this, I did not hesitate to add him to my “Following” list ! It was actually a pretty great find !

And you, nerd herders, what or who have you found during this weekend?  Let me know !

See ya !

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